All You Need To Know About TMJ Disorders

If you experience unexplained pain in your jaw, upper neck, ears or experience clicking sounds while eating or speaking then it’s time to visit a good dental facility like Ridgetop Dental. The experts at Ridgetop Dental have the best diagnosis and treatment options like-invisalign in Northern Virginia for the relief of TMJ. Let’s find out more about TMJ Disorders through this article by Ridgetop Dental.

What is TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is a multifaceted musculoskeletal disorder that affects temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and facial nerves. It may be caused due to physical stress on the structures around the joint.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

According to the experts at Ridgetop Dental’s centre for Potomac Dentistry, symptoms of TMJ disorders include:

  • pain in or around ear
  • headaches and neck pain
  • tenderness of the jaw
  • jaw pain when chewing, biting or yawning
  • difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • clicking or popping sounds when biting or speaking
  • sensitive teeth with no known cause

What causes TMJ?

  • Arthritis
  • Jaw dislocation or injury
  • Bite disorders

How can the experts at Ridgetop Dental help treat my TMJ disorder?

Diagnosis is an important step for treatment of this disorder.

Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists may take x-rays and make a cast of your teeth to see how your bite fits together; your medical history may be reviewed.

Your dentist may also recommend one of the following:

Treat the pain. This is done by resting the joint, prescribing pain killers or applying moist heat to the painful areas.

Night guard. Your dentist may prescribe a night guard to prevent your teeth from grinding during sleep.

Fix poorly aligned teeth. Your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist to correct teeth alignment.

TMJ disorders can be successfully treated by the right diagnosis and lifestyle changes. So, talk to an experienced dentist at Ridgetop Dental today to properly diagnose your condition and find the best route to treat your problem. Apart from TMJ disorders if you need other expert services such as invisalign, braces, dentures or dental implants in Leesburg VA, contact the offices of Ridgetop Dental, by visiting-


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