Benefits Of Single Dental Implant Over A Bridge

Dental Technology has seen much advancement in the past few years. For example, in the past if you sought treatment for your missing teeth, the preferred option would have been to use a bridge (in which replacement tooth is held in place by brackets placed over the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap), but today’s dentists are able to provide a revolutionary alternative solution-dental implants. At Ridgetop Dental, the dentists regularly use a single dental implant in Leesburg VA, instead of a bridge, which does have several advantages. Let’s take a look.

Does not need the support of adjacent teeth

One of the main advantages of missing teeth replacement using single dental implant is that it does not need the support of adjacent teeth. In case of bridges, the adjacent teeth need to be shaved down to accommodate the brackets which support the fixed bridge, which can weaken your teeth and have an adverse effect on your overall oral health.

Helps prevent bone loss

When a tooth is missing, the bone around that area starts deteriorating due to the lack of pressure and stimulation. The titanium implant, which is surgically placed in your jawbone, acts like a tooth root, stimulating the surrounding tissue and bones, thus preventing bone loss, assert Ridgetop Dental’s expert Northern Virginia dentists. However, if you choose to wear a bridge, the gradual bone loss and deterioration will continue.

Easy maintenance

Dental implants need the same type of care which your normal teeth require. Daily brushing and flossing is enough to keep your implant in good shape. A fixed dental bridge, on the other hand, can be harder to keep clean since it uses a special cement to hold it in place, which may over time get washed away. So, extra precautions need to be taken.

Long lasting

Single dental implant is a long lasting solution, whereas, gum line where your dental bridge is fixed will recede due to continuing bone loss.

If you’d like to know more about dental implants, bridges or dentures in Northern Virginia then visit Ridgetop Dental and discuss all your tooth replacement options. The experts at Ridgetop Dental will be happy to help you.

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